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Do you really know what Google ‘thinks’ of you? As the operator, managing partner, managing director and more recently sole trader of small, medium and large businesses, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours of my own time to achieve a listing on the first page of Google. Google is after […]

What’s in Your Garage Podcast Episode #11 Koliana Winchester   Bob Aldons:                        Good morning and welcome to What’s in Your Garage? I’m very, very pleased to have with me today Councillor Koliana Winchester, who’s one of the two councillors for the Redcliffe area in the Moreton Bay Regional Council. Koliana’s been a customer of […]

And ways you can lower your premiums for your L-platers Hi there. Bob Aldons, The Car Guy with an article from Richard Laycock on behalf of www.finder.com.au. I’ve been using Finder to search car insurance premiums for stories I’m writing on various new vehicles and I’ve been amazed at the variety of companies that finder […]

What’s in Your Garage Podcast Episode #10 Mark McRaith Bob Aldons:                        Welcome to What’s in Your Garage. This is Bob Aldons from Car Business and today I’m meeting with Mark McRaith, who I’ve known for seven or eight or nine or ten years? Mark McRaith:                  Yes. Bob Aldons:                        Mark, and what are you doing at […]

And ways you can lower your car insurance premiums In Australia, the prerequisites and requirements for receiving and maintaining our driver’s licenses become stricter as we age. Depending on driving and medical history, car insurance premiums can increase the older we get. However, if you know what you’re looking for and are an experienced and […]

What’s in Your Garage Podcast Episode #9 Monte Huebsch Bob:                                       And a very good afternoon and welcome to What’s in my Garage and it gives me a great deal of pleasure to be sitting in the office of Mr. Monte Huebsch who is the CEO of aussieweb and Monte, welcome to What’s in my Garage. […]

What’s in Your Garage Podcast Episode #8 Mitch Brennan Bob Aldons:                        We’re going to talk this morning with a mate of mine who I’ve known for 40 years and his name is Mitch Brennan. Mitch, welcome to What’s In Your Garage. Mitch Brennan:                 Morning Bob. Thank you. Good to be here. Nice set-up you’ve got. […]

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