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I’ve ‘stolen’ Clarkson’s story on the Lamborghini Huracan Performante. At least I’ve copied it and give due credit to his enormousness for the words and the picture. Clarkson writes no other motoring journalist that I’ve read in recent years. He’s humorous, factual and calls a pig a pig, even though it might have red lipstick […]

Hi, Bob Aldons, The Car Guy writing about my experience on the M1 last Sunday with regards to Christmas Road Safety. When I drive, I’m generally driving on the North Coast highway between Redcliffe and Peachester, to our holiday home. Peachester is 10 minutes west up the range from Beerwah, not far from Australia Zoo. […]

Hi, Bob Aldons here. I want to tell you a short story subsequent to a telephone call today from Brisbane Alfa Romeo owner, Nigel. It’s to do with a declined warranty claim on a 2014 Alfa Romeo Mito. Seems that Nigel purchased this car for his daughter (lucky girl) so she could learn to drive […]

No Driving Required: What Automated Vehicles (Driverless Cars) Mean for Our Future John Hawthorne is a new writer for The Car Guy. What follows are opinions from John on the future of driverless cars. I’ve got my own opinion on this matter. If users of cars in our immediate future don’t want to drive themselves […]

Julie Scott, a writer from Angel Content sent me this piece asking me to publish on my blog. Having read it through, I was happy to help Julie out. Frankly, I’ve never seen kangaroos called into question in relation to autonomous cars, particularly kangaroo confusion. I suppose that given that a lot of research is […]

Do you really know what Google ‘thinks’ of you? As the operator, managing partner, managing director and more recently sole trader of small, medium and large businesses, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours of my own time to achieve a listing on the first page of Google. Google is after […]

What’s in Your Garage Podcast Episode #11 Koliana Winchester   Bob Aldons:                        Good morning and welcome to What’s in Your Garage? I’m very, very pleased to have with me today Councillor Koliana Winchester, who’s one of the two councillors for the Redcliffe area in the Moreton Bay Regional Council. Koliana’s been a customer of […]

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